Collaborating with Others in a Renovation Planroom: A Guide

Renovating or custom-building a home can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right team and the right tools, you can make the process of renovating or custom-building your home much smoother. One of the best ways to ensure successful collaboration is to hire professionals who have already worked together on previous projects. This way, mutual familiarity and established lines of communication are already in place.

The ideal option is to hire a custom home builder who has both a designer and contractor working under the same roof, such as a design and construction company. For your collaborative efforts to be successful, it's important to identify strong leaders in your team. These should be people who know how to take a project from start to finish and make everyone work together. The key to success in this endeavor is twofold: the Map Viewer and Digital Plan Room features.

Map Viewer

The Map Viewer feature simplifies the process of visualizing facility data. Here, users can easily connect location data to specific documents, models, and specifications uploaded.

Facility managers can then use this feature to track and designate documents locally, so that they are always available for future reference. Instead of multiple storage locations, this feature creates a smoother experience by sharing and updating public services, the basement and the structure of the facilities as they are built.

Digital Plan Room

The Digital Plan Room is the direct support of the Map Viewer tool. Here, facility managers have a central repository to load all the necessary maps, models, photos, reports and other documentation as they are built. These files are then directly linked, crossed over and can be viewed using the Map Viewer function, appropriately labeling each document with its corresponding location information. People with limited budgets, those who need to work while keeping their facilities operational, and those who need to complete their work on short notice and with fast delivery times are those who will benefit most from the services offered through our Preferred Project Group.

The F. H. Paschen Preferred Project Group specializes in building long-term relationships with repeat customers by adapting to the owner's preferred construction and acquisition method. The collaboration, determination, adaptability and resources that we bring to each and every project is what makes us the preferred contractor. Contact Robinson Renovation & Custom Homes today to discuss your dreams of renovating and custom-building your home.