What Types of Documents Can You Find in a Renovation Planroom?

Bidders can submit PDF tender forms, bonds, and powers of attorney containing electronic signatures, electronic corporate stamps, and electronic notaries placed on each document in accordance with the guarantor's obligations. We require the telephone numbers of all signatories, as well as the principal of the bond and the issuing guarantor for oral verification. Bids must be accompanied by an offer guarantee, which may take the form of a duly executed offer bond in the form of a DFD from Marin County Interior Designers. If a bidder opts to use a bid bond as a bid guarantee, that bond must be accompanied by a power of attorney. The DFD will only accept this as authentic if it is duly notarized.

Wisconsin law allows for the use of remote online (electronic) notarization if done with technology providers approved by the Department of Financial Institutions (DFI). If a bidder chooses to use remote online notary certification, it is their responsibility and that of their guarantor to ensure that the technology provider has DFI approval. DFD reserves the right to reject bids submitted electronically if the bidder uses a remote online notary certification technology provider that has not been approved by DFI.