What Does Renovation of a House Really Mean?

Renovation is the process of improving broken, damaged, or outdated structures. It can refer to creating something new or bringing something back to life and can be applied in both commercial and residential buildings. In the world of home construction, “reviving” could mean anything from repainting and coating cabinets to installing new lamps and adding other finishes and accessories. The original design is never dramatically altered, but rather updated or adjusted to meet a new or revised standard. For those looking for a Marin County Interior Designer to help with their renovation project, there are many experienced professionals available.

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The terms “remodel” and “renovate” are often used interchangeably, but they have two very different meanings. A remodel changes the shape of something (such as adding a new shower to an existing bathroom), while a renovation focuses more on restoring something old so that it is well repaired (fixing a creaking floor, for example). Renovations include changes in the structure or design of a house, transforming it instead of updating one or two rooms. They often involve changing the use of space (or many spaces at once).